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Cartoon: Uncertainty shrouds The Gambia’s impending presidential inauguration

In a few days U.S. President Barack Obama will leave office paving way for President-elect Donald Trump, who will be inaugurated on Friday, 20 January 2017. Ghana recently witnessed a smooth transfer of power with the inauguration of President Nana Akufo-Addo. In The Gambia, things are not so quite clear, President Yahya Jammeh who lost last year’s election is supposed to leave office paving way for the victor, President-elect Adama Barrow. The inauguration is scheduled to take place on Thursday, 19 January 2017 when Jammeh’s term officially ends. The country is on tenterhooks as President Jammeh remains resolute that he will challenge the election result, despite having initially accepted defeat, and pledging to oversee a smooth transfer of power.


Fraudsters operate bogus U.S. embassy in Ghana for 10 years, and issued visas for $6,000

A crime ring of Ghanaian and Turkish citizen masterminded one of the most daring cons of all time, running a fake U.S. Embassy in Ghana for 10 years, which issued visas for $6,000. The bogus embassy opened thrice a week, flew a U.S. flag and inside hung a photo of President Barack Obama. The gang did not accept walk ins but recruited its customers from remote parts of West Africa, and the gang was only busted after a tip-off from an informant. The tip-off led to the creation of an international task force, which investigated the matter leading to the arrest of ring members, and closure of the fake embassy.


Nigeria: Presidency dismisses “overzealous staff” writer blamed for plagiarised Obama speech

The statement, hell hath no fury like a president embarrassed will certainly ring in the ears of the speech writer at the centre of a plagiarism debacle in Nigeria following his dismissal from state house. The staff writer who made the cardinal error of copying parts of U.S. President Barack Obama’s 2008 victory speech and attributing them to President Muhammadu Buhari was recently fired, bringing to an end the embarrassing episode.

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Reactions: Stop bashing Gaddafi, he was a great leader and an African hero

Muammar Gaddafi, the slain Libyan leader, still has a big fun club in Africa. This Is Africa has been inundated with angry reactions ever since we published a piece earlier this week titled “The truth about Gaddafi: He was no friend of Africans. He only wanted to rule them” and a subsequent opinion piece titled “Take it from a Libyan, Gaddafi was terrible”. A lot of readers have not been happy with the articles. They feel with are besmirching the reputation of a “great African leader” and “hero”. Here are some of their reactions.


Obama admits Libya “worst mistake” of his tenure. Could the AU’s negotiated transition roadmap have been a better option?

The admission by U.S. President Barack Obama that the prevailing mess in Libya and “probably failing to plan for the day after, [the intervention]” was the “worst mistake” of his presidency raises questions on the efficacy of foreign military intervention in conflicts across Africa. Looking back, how should the Libyan crisis have been handled? Should the African Union have been given a chance to implement its roadmap for a negotiated transition?