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Africa’s newest countries: Wakanda and Nambia, get your passport ready

After the British Airways gave Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong’o a new national identity, now a citizen of Wakanda, America’s president Donald Trump in a speech to African leaders talked about an African country called Nambia having “an increasingly self-sufficient health system.” Unfortunately Africans don’t recognize that country. What are your thoughts on Nambia and Wakanda gaffes, which have thrown social medial into a frenzy?


African passport for African Heads of State

The Pan-African passport launched in July last year was created to facilitate the ease of movement between African countries. Unfortunately, the passport availed to Heads of States and diplomats has not been made accessible to the citizens who need it the most. For the majority of Africans, the African passport remains a pipe dream, still a preserve for a few.


The African passport is finally here

The African Union (AU) has finally launched the long-awaited African passport as part of the bloc’s 2063 Agenda. The passport was launched during opening of the 27th AU Summit in Kigali, Rwanda. While the launch of the African passport is a welcome development, there are concerns whether AU member states will soon begin producing the African passport in accordance with their visa policies. We look at social media reactions on issuance of the African passport.


African Union to introduce African passport for heads of state in July

In a welcome development, African leaders will start using an African passport from July this year, following the adoption of a proposal by heads of state in January, to have all African countries allow 30-day visa free travel for Africans. The introduction of the African passport will pave the way for the AU’s 2063 Agenda for “a continent with seamless borders” to help facilitate the free movement of African citizens.