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Feminist Pornography: Returning humanity to an inhumane industry

Independent female directors are making pornographic films or adult erotica to alleviate degrading and exploitative images linked to an increase in child pornography and sexual violence. Feminist pornography is a genre of film developed to encourage women and their self-beliefs of freedom through sexuality, equality and pleasure. The overall aim of feminist porn is to empower the performers who produce it and the people who view it.

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Ugandan Anti-Pornography Bill Could Prohibit ‘Provocative’ Clothing on Women, Censor Film and TV and Restrict Personal Internet Use

The Ugandan government is touting a sweeping controversial anti-pornography legislation that outlaws revealing clothing and covers issues related to pornography, including child pornography, pornographic publications and even suggestive music videos. Ugandan Ethics and Integrity Minister Simon Lokodo said: “Put on a miniskirt but please don’t expose your thighs, your buttocks and your genitalia. Finished.”


Three Ghanaian TV Stations reported for broadcasting porn after 9pm

Pornography is among things that anger many Africans despite the fact that it is consumed in private. Africans are quick to claim porn and nudity are not part of “our culture”. In Ghana, two broadcasters have made a complaint against three television stations for showing films with pornographic scenes on their channels. Is it not hypocritical that Africans condemn in public what they watch in private?

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Why can a woman be naked in porn but not in protest?

As a society we love naked women. We use female bodies to sell everything, from standard kitchen tiles to Ferraris. Being naked can even win you an Oscar, or get you trending or Instagram famous. The very same society, however, is not so happy when a woman’s body is not used for public pleasure and consumption but for protest. This is what makes this particular form of revolt so powerful.