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Chinese sex workers join scramble for Africa

A study on migration patterns reveals that Sub-Saharan Africa has become a new haven for Chinese sex workers. According to the researcher, Africa is now the “new El Dorado for the prostitution business,” and there are between 13,500 and 18,500 Chinese sex workers providing services in countries such as Ghana, Cameroon and Nigeria.

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#Shashii, Ghanaian Twitter and slut shaming

Twitter has become one of the world’s most engaging, electrifying, high context, as well as low context discourse platforms. You want to know a country’s people, check their Twitter. At the same time,it has become that monster terrorising society’s self esteem, instituting a form of dictatorship while running largely on mass, often uneducated opinion. Though it represents a new kind of freedom, it is another form of repression. And who are the worst affected? Women. Or rather, their bodies