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Haiti By Force

Fault Lines investigates the legacy and impact of sex abuse by UN peacekeepers in Haiti. In Haiti By Force: UN Sex Abuse, Fault Lines speaks to Haitian women who say they were raped by UN peacekeepers there. Some of them were under-age at the time; some of them are now single mothers as a result; most described anonymous, violent attacks.

Zero Tolerance to violence
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Shuffling Paedophiles is not the answer to making Education Safe for all Girls

“He did it in a classroom, the staff room and in his house”.

12-year-old Mary and 13-year-old Mercy (not their real names) were sexually abused by a deputy head teacher on numerous occasions and on diverse dates. He assaulted them in different places in and around their school. During the investigation, it also emerged that the teacher had been transferred from another school due to committing the same violations. He was a serial rapist. Period.


International Day of the Girl Child

Today is the International Day of the Girl Child, and Africa joins the world to observe the day. It is imperative to highlight and join hands to fight and stop the various issues affecting girls from abuse, physical and sexual violence, exploitation, child marriage, various forms of discrimination and inequality. 


Malawi to institute tough laws against harmful cultural practices

Malawi is planning to legislate tough laws against harmful cultural practices, which target women and young girls in the wake of the arrest of an HIV-positive man, who confessed to having sex with pubertal children as part of initiation rites. Eric Aniva, was arrested on President Peter Mutharika’s orders, and Mutharika announced the country is planning a major crackdown on such practices.