A shocking alleged racially motivated attack has rocked India when a Tanzanian girl was stripped naked and paraded on the the streets by a mob in Bengaluru, India on Sunday.

The incident has been widely criticised by student leaders and India’s government officials, with the county’s External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj tweeting “We are deeply pained over the shameful incident with a Tanzanian girl in Bengaluru”.

The incident has caused an outrage on social media. Reports also suggest that the Tanzanian High Commission sent a request for information on the matter, forwarded to the Indian government.

The mob was reportedly enraged after a car driven by a Sudanese student ran over and killed a 35-year-old local. The mob set ablaze the Sudanese man’s car and stopped the car in which the 21 year-old Tanzanian student was travelling in (with four others). The mob dragged the passengers out and assaulted the girl.

“They pushed me around and hit me. I was wearing a T-shirt. They tugged at it and tore it, leaving me literally without anything. They continued to thrash us and we ran for our lives. My friends and I hopped onto a bus,”

“The driver didn’t move and the other passengers threw us out. We were at the mob’s mercy. A passerby who offered me a T-shirt was also attacked. They thrashed us again till we took shelter near some shops,” she told Times of India.

The police, who were present during the Tanzania student’s ordeal have been accused of failure to timeously act on the matter, only taking the girl’s statement three days after the assault.

Four people accused of the assault have been arrested and a criminal case has been opened.

Source: Times of India