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Africa’s newest countries: Wakanda and Nambia, get your passport ready

After the British Airways gave Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong’o a new national identity, now a citizen of Wakanda, America’s president Donald Trump in a speech to African leaders talked about an African country called Nambia having “an increasingly self-sufficient health system.” Unfortunately Africans don’t recognize that country. What are your thoughts on Nambia and Wakanda gaffes, which have thrown social medial into a frenzy?


Young Continent, Old Leaders

Currently at 1.2 billion, Africa’s population is projected to more than double by 2050 and quadruple by 2100, reaching 4 billion. Young people make up a large part of Africa’s population but the continent is home to aging and many of the world’s longest-serving presidents. Unemployment is a reality across the continent and with the projected doubling population by 2050 new political, social and economic challenges face Africa. While African youth still remain marginalised in terms of political and civic engagement/involvement, the trend is beginning to change, and Africa’s growing and large youth population presents great opportunities.