The dust has barely settled on the controversial killing of famed Zimbabwe lion, Cecil, and already the world’s largest trophy hunting organisation is reportedly selling hundreds of permits to kill lions, and numerous other animals across the world.

The ongoing auction will offer trophy hunters the opportunity to go on a hunting expedition in several African countries.

According to National Geographic, the auction dubbed the “Ultimate Hunters’ Market,” is a brainchild of the Safari Club International offering hunters the opportunity to, “hunt at least 600 animals in 32 countries in Africa, Europe, Oceana, and the Americas—77 of the hunts are in the U.S.”.

Sabrinna Corgatelli Source: Facebook

Sabrinna Corgatelli Source: Facebook

Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist, infamous for killing Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe last year was a member of Safari Club International, National Geographic reports. Palmer paid about US$61 000 for the kill but that did not exonerate him from widespread criticism.

The killing of Cecil caused a major uproar across the world. Similarly, Sabrina Corgatelli, an American huntress from Idaho caused a social media furore after posting pictures of various animals she killed on social media, while on a legal hunting trip in South Africa.

These cases, amongst others have highlighted the controversial issue of trophy hunting, whether legal or otherwise. The auction and impending legal hunts are likely to reignite the debate around imposing restrictions on trophy hunting, animal rights, hunting laws in different African jurisdictions and the much needed revenue obtained from legal hunting, argued to be vital for wildlife conservation.

Source: National Geographic