9th February, 2014: Northern Uganda Youth MP, Evelyn Anite moves a motion in the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Caucus, endorsing Museveni as the party’s sole presidential candidate for the 2016 polls. She presents motion while kneeling.

18th September, 2014: Amidst rumours that Amama Mbabazi would run for presidency, he is dropped from the cabinet with the appointment of then-Minister of Health Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda on September 18th, 2014 as Prime Minister of Uganda. Mbabazi had served in the position from 24th of May 2011.

The President, Yoweri Museveni, said it was not an emotional decision.

4th-7th June, 2015: Opposition and Party leadership in closed door meeting. They agree to form an alliance, The Democratic Alliance, and front one candidate in the election to run against President Museveni.  

14th June, 2015: Amama Mbabazi announces his intention to run for the presidency in a YouTube video. Mbabazi said he would seek for election first within his party, National Resistance Movement (NRM) and then in the country. He urged voters to choose “a fairer society and a democratic future.”

July-August 2015: The Electoral Commission (EC) displays the voters register. The purpose of the exercise is for citizens to confirm their names (with correct spelling), and for those that are deceased to be deleted.

9th July, 2015: Amama Mbabazi and Kizza Besigye arrested. Amama Mbabazi arrested in Jinja on his way to Mbale, for national consultations while Kizza Besigye was held at his home. They were arrested for organizing meetings without police clearance. Police called it “preventative arrest.”

August- September, 2015: At least 40 aspirants pick nomination forms to run for presidency in 2016 elections. Only two are women.

2nd September, 2015: Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) holds a delegates’ conference to elect a flagbearer. Kizza Besigye wins, Mugisha Muntu (party president) concedes.

21st September, 2015: Former Vice Chancellor of Makerere University, Venansius Baryamureeba, returns his nomination forms to EC.

25th September, 2015: After meetings that sometimes continued until late in night, and often ended at a stalemate, TDA group announces Amama Mbabazi as the flagbearer in the 2016 elections.

25th September, 2015: FDC Electoral Chairperson returns Kizza Besigye’s nomination forms to EC.

25th September, 2015: Abed Bwanika returns his nomination forms to EC.

28th September, 2015: Amama Mbabazi’s lawyers return nomination forms to EC.

28th September, 2015: Joseph Mabirizi returns nomination forms to EC.

29th September, 2015: Maureen Kyalya Waluube returns nomination forms to EC.

29th September, 2015: Benon Biraaro returns nomination forms to EC.

29th September, 2015: NRM, led by party’s Vice Chairperson, returns nomination forms to EC.

29th September, 2015: Deadline (after extension) to return nomination forms to EC.

1st October, 2015: New electoral laws in effect. The Parliament passed the Presidential Elections (Amendment) Bill, 2015 and Parliamentary Elections (Amendment) Bill, 2015 that the President signed into law. The two Acts increased nomination fees (from UgShs 8,000,000 to UgShs 20,000,000 for presidential candidates and from UgShs 200,000 to UgShs 3,000,000 for parliamentary candidates) and scrapped government contributions. Polling stations will also close at 4:00p.m, and not 5:00p.m, as before.

30th October- 1st November, 2015: Ruling party, NRM, holds their delegates’ conference. They endorse President Yoweri Museveni as flagbearer in the 2016 polls. Justine Kasule Lumumba replaces Amama Mbabazi as the party’s Secretary General.

3rd November, 2015: Nomination of candidates Yoweri Museveni (10a.m), John Patrick Amama Mbabazi (11a.m) and Venansius Baryamureeba (12noon).

Charles Bbaale Lwanga (2p.m) was turned away by EC. He fell short on nomination requirements.

4th November, 2015: Nomination of candidates Kizza Besigye (11am), Maureen Kyalya Waluube, Joseph Mabirizi (2p.m), Abed Bwanika (12noon) and Benon Biraaro (3p.m).

9th November, 2015: Campaigns officially start.

5th December, 2015: Kizza Besigye visits Abim Hospital, and media highlights the state of the hospital. Besigye is taken around the hospital by Santina Adong, a senior nursing officer who receives a letter from the district for revealing government information.

7th December, 2015: Amnesty International release a report on the excessive use of force by police in the run-up to elections. Police Chief Kale Kayihura rejects it.

13th-14th December, 2015: Violence breaks out in Ntungamo district, involving NRM and Go Forward factions. Days after Christopher Aine– head of security for Go Forward-went missing.

20th December, 2015: President Museveni delivers a press conference on the Ntungamo violence, calling the perpetrators ‘thugs’. He said they had committed a grave offence, saying “if you put your hands in the anus of a leopard, you are in trouble.”

23rd December, 2015: The Uganda Parliament approves a supplementary budget of UgShs 51.1 billion to Uganda Police Force to manage election violence countrywide.

30th December, 2015: The EC issues a press statement banning presidential candidates from hospitals, schools, markets and churches.

5th January, 2016: Amama Mbabazi is barred from Voice of Karamoja radio where he was scheduled to be 8:30-10p.m

13th January, 2016: Human Rights organisations call for the suspension of crime preventers.

15th January, 2016: The first televised Presidential debate is held. All candidates attend, President Museveni doesn’t. Issues discussed surrounded economy, social services, governance and rule of law.

20th January, 2016: Endigito FM is taken off air, two days after hosting Amama Mbabazi on air.

28th January, 2016: Ballot papers flown in from South Africa, arrive at Entebbe airport three hours late.

31st January, 2016: Gen David Tinyefuza aka Sejusa is arrested.

12th February, 2016: EC says mobile phones would not be allowed near polling stations.

13th February, 2016: The second televised Presidential debate is held, will all eight candidates. Issues discussed surrounded security, foreign policy and East African integration.

15th February, 2016: Kizza Besigye is detained twice in the city center. Riots break out, one is confirmed dead.

16th February, 2016: Last day of campaigns, held peacefully.

17th February, 2016: EC agrees to let voters have their phones.

18th February, 2016: Uganda goes to polls, to vote for President and Parliament candidates.