If anyone is still in doubt about the capability and potential Africa possesses, one just has to look at its young people. The youths are the future is not just a mantra, it is a reality. Kabwama Leonard Alvin, a graduate of Makerere University is a young innovator and the co-founder of Innovex. Kabwama who’s famous for innovations such as a bomb detection robot, an automated disinfection chamber, and a novel radiation-based urine diagnostic test has landed a training deal with the National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA) research centre in Silicon Valley, USA.

The young Ugandan innovator will take part in an eight-week intensive product design and development training at the Singularity University. Kabwama got exposed to robotics while he was still in high school. His exposure to robotics at St. Mary’s College Kisubi was the push he needed to be at the forefront of various innovations in Uganda.

Over the past six years, Kabwama has been consistent, and has gone ahead to be recognized by the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) and the East Africa robotics competition.

Ugandan innovator, Kabwama Alvin at the far right. He’s presently in NASA undergoing training. Photo: Facebook/Kabwama Alvin

Kabwama who works as the technical lead at Innovex training program in a Facebook post said, “As Steve Jobs, always said, always have the courage to follow your dreams and what u believe in, don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living by the consequences of other people’s decisions”.

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“To further quote Jobs, he said you can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backward, and looking back on my life, it now, makes sense how each of the preceding events all the way from my robotics days, led me here. Looking back at Mutebi Ronald, a father I always had in my school days who always pushed us to dream big and follow what we believe in and Cosmas Mwikirize who laid out the path for us while we were still young St Marys boys with big dreams of pursuing electrical engineering. You guys have played a big role in moulding us, thank you so much. Always follow your heart and intuition they somehow already know where you want to be,” Kabwama added.

Kabwama Leonard Alvin enjoying his first day in NASA. Photo: Facebook/NASA

Kabwama’s role at Innovex is to ensure an evolving curriculum that was focused on fostering creativity, analytical thinking and knowledge application. Hi experience and exposure from NASA will saddle him with the responsibility of re-engineering the training into a fully-fledged product development certificate.

On its Facebook page Innovex, described itself as being at the heart of developing Africa’s next generation embedded technologies. The company boasted of solutions for monitoring energy systems, custom-built drone and robotics applications, as well as medical diagnostic, monitoring and therapeutic systems. All these are focused in positioning Innovex at the center of Africa’s socio-economic transformation.

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Kabwama who’d left on June 16, after his day one experience said, “Epic experience on just day one here in the Global Solutions Program, at NASA, taking a class from a person who is miles away thru an Artificial intelligence robot that he navigates round a room seeing everyone just like a lecturer would walk around as well as controlling the slides remotely… IOT to the next level.”

Kabwama Alvin holding a certificate of recognition for a competition he’d won. Photo: Facebook/ Kabwama Alvin

Congratulations to this young African innovator. TIA wishes you all the best.