A video of Virginia McLaurin, the 106-year-old woman dancing with U.S. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama in the White House has gone viral, and with good reason.

The video captures the special moment when the energetic and spirited McLaurin fulfilled what she thought was an impossible dream, visiting the White House and living long enough to meet a Black President.

In the sensational video, McLaurin couldn’t hold back her emotions. The 106-year-old woman is seen showing off her moves, bubbling with excitement at meeting the Obamas. The Obamas were quite amazed at McLaurin’s energy, with the President jokingly cautioning the 106-year-old grant to “slow down, slow down!”

McLaurin, who visited the White House to celebrate Black History Month expressed her gratitude at the opportunity to meet Obamas, saying:  “It’s an honor, it’s an honor,”

“A black president. A black wife. And I’m here to celebrate black history. That’s what I’m here for”.

Despite her advanced age, McLaurin is still active in community work, reportedly volunteering 40 hours per week as a “foster grandparent”.

McLaurin who turns 107 on March 12 has seen 18 presidents.

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Source: YouTube