In a bid to place the African narrative in the hands of Africans themselves, The Patriotic Age talks to various Africans on their perceptions about the continent.

The perceptions challenge the misconceptions awash in the mainstream media that the continent is a homogenous society of poverty, war, famine corruption and disease.

The experiences highlighted in the clip speak to the continent’s diversity, resilience of its people, plural cultures and languages.

Adebayo Okeowo from the White Code Centre says, “Instead of constantly complaining about how greatly misrepresented Africa is, we decided to share what we love about Africa and show some of the fascinating spots on the continent with the rest of the world”.

From Nigerians to Namibians, Ugandans, Zimbabweans, South Africans and Ghanaians, here are the curated reasons why we love Africa.


Source: whitecodecentre