Nairobi Uber taxi drivers on Tuesday staged a protest over……well, Uber. The taxi drivers claimed the popular taxi hailing up has made taxi rides too cheap after its move last week to cut fares in Nairobi by 35%.

The drivers say Uber has now turned them into wage slaves working for a pittance.

The angry drivers carrying placards written in Swahili and English took their protest to Uber’s doorstep.

Uber has responded quickly. It claims the drivers who turned up for the protests in Nairobi on Tiesday don’t represent the majority of its drivers.

The unhappy Uber drivers certainly didn’t have an easy time getting everyone within their ranks to read from the same script.

It’s a bizarre reversal. In February this year, when Uber was just starting to make its presence felt in Kenya, there was a lot of weeping, gnashing of teeth and rending of garments. Traditional taxi drivers protested claiming the app would put them out of business because of its low fares. Now, it seems the shoe is on the other foot. Many tech savvy taxi drivers who embraced Uber early on are now uncomfortable with what they signed up for.

Happy customers  

Although Uber’s move to slash fares in Nairobi has hurt many drivers – not to mention the competition – , it has certainly delighted a lot of its customers.

These are certainly interesting times.