Nigeria student solves old maths problem

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Nigeria student solves old maths problem

Nigerian graduate Ufot Ekong topped the awards podium after achieving the highest grades at a Japanese university in 50 years and solving a 30 year-old mathematical problem



Ufot Ekong, smashed a record in Japan after he solved a maths puzzle in his first semester that was unsolvable for 30 years. As if that wasn’t enough, he recently graduated with the highest grades at Tokai University since 1965, according to a report by The Independent.

His great achievements did not come on a silver platter for Ekong because according to the reportthe mathematician attained a first class degree in electrical engineering through sweat and hard work as he worked two jobs to finance his education while studying at the prestigious private university, based in the capital city of the Asian country.

According to various reports Mr Ekong who  speaks English, French, Japanese and Yoruba won the Japanese language award for foreigners and he is well known at the university for winning six awards for his academic excellence.

As the saying goes “If you are good you are good,”  Ekong did not stop unleashing his potential at the University. He is currently working for Nissan and already has two patents for electronic car design to his name.


Source: The Independent 


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