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Meet UK’s ‘first black and white twins’ born from same egg

Meet Amelia and Jasmine – genetically identical twins believed to be the UK’s first “black and white” twins born from the same egg.



In a rare phenomena, a first recorded in the United Kingdom, the country’s “black and white” twins born from the same egg baffled medical personnel at birth and they continue to shock people.

The twins, Amelia and Jasmine, both one year old, have different skin tones and eye colours, despite being born from the same egg.

The girls’ father Tafadzwa Madzimbamuto, is black, while their mother Libby Appleby is white.

Libby Appleby and her partner Tafadzwa with Jasmine (left) and Amelia Photo: SWNS

Appleby said medics “gasped” when they delivered the girls – who are monozygotic – formed in the same embryo but developed in separate sacs.

She added: “We put them next to each other in a cot and couldn’t believe how different they were.


“Doctors told us the chances of mixed race twins are one in a million. We were thrilled they were so unique”.

Medial experts said the differences in the appearances could be a result of a changes which occurred in the early stages of development – called somatic mutation, the Telegraph reported.

Source: the Telegraph


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