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The Giant Bead Necklace: Angola

Have you had a closer look at the giant bead necklace called the Vilanda? It marks important periods in the lives of women from Angolan tribes such as Mwila, Mucawana and Mumuhuia. If you haven’t you are in for a beautiful treat.



The giant bead necklace is made of beads and mud. When girls are younger they wear red beads, and when they get older, they start wearing yellow necklaces called Vikeka. The Viveka is kept until marriage. After marriage, the ladies start wearing a necklace called Vilanda. A Vilanda necklace is made up of multicolored beads mixed with mud and latex, stacked in layers. Once worn, the necklace is never removed.

Photo:Eric Lafforgue

Mwila Beaded Ornament, Angola. Photo: Eric Lafforgue

Mugambue tribe necklace Angola. Photo: Eric Lafforgue

Mumuhuila vilanda necklace-Angola. Photo: Eric Lafforgue/ Picssr.

Mumuhuila tribe. Photo: Eric Lafforgue

Mucawana tribe, Soba village. Photo: Eric Lafforgue

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