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French music star Jain collaborates with Femi Kuti

Rising French music star, Jain, and Nigerian musician Femi Kuti collaborate on an afrobeat remix of her hit single ‘Come’.



Afrobeat meets pop

Nigerian afrobeat maestro, Femi Kuti, has partnered with French music star, Jain, for the remix of her hit single ‘Come’. The song, in its original form, already had African influences but Femi tunes this up a notch with his infusion of afrobeat rhythms and beats.

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‘Come’ is the first single from Jain’s 2016 album, ‘Zanaka’, which means ‘childhood’ in Malagasy, her mother’s native language. The album was recorded in Paris and it was mostly produced by Yodelice, a Grammy award winning producer.


Jain was born on 7 February 1992, in Toulouse to a French father and half-Malagasy mother.  She spent her childhood and youth in various countries including France, Dubai and the Republic of the Congo. Her music, reminiscent of her international upbringing, is often a blend of French electro, West African rhythms and Arabic percussion.

Femi Kuti on stage with his dancers. Photo: Sam Geuens/Flickr

The metamorphosis of ‘Come’

Jain has been nominated for a Les Victoires de la Musique award in France. Her performance ‘Come’ at the awards ceremony led the song leap to number one on the French music chart and becoming popular in Germany, Italy, Poland and Belgium. Her album, too, consequently achieved platinum status in France. The music video for ‘Come’ has gained over 20 million views on YouTube.

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The 24 year old musician wrote ‘Come’ at 16 while living with her parents in the Republic of the Congo.
“I like to be spontaneous when I make music,” Jain said on her website. “I begin with beats or drums, because that’s what moves me and if I find a sound that reminds me of traditional music I’ll use it, whether it’s Arabic, Indian, African or European. I like to mix styles and cultures, to get lost in a big mess of music.”

Here enters the multiple-Grammy awards nominated musician and son of Afrobeat pioneer, Femi Kuti, adding his unique saxophone and trumpets to the ‘Come’. Listen to the song below.


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