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The Transport We Use

Matatu is the name of the public transport used in Kenya. Many countries in Africa like Senegal, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Tanzania have transport systems like the matatu, just different names. A matatu plays an important role in an economy, it is a source of income for many. The most interesting thing about matatus are the stickers, graffiti or random quotes that give each matatu a unique edge. Take a look at some pictures.



In Tanzania, people use the word Dala Dala. In Zimbabwe, they call it a Kombi. In South Africa, some simply refer to it as a taxi. One advantage of a matatu is its affordable fare and free musical entertainment on board. In most cases, the driver is the owner, and the bus will only move when it is full. Sometimes a conductor is an additional stuff member who handles the money and signals the driver when a passenger has arrived at their destination.

Photo: jy.maisonnasse

Dakar, Senegal. Photo: Robert Grant , Dakar Senegal.

Senegal. Photo: Jeremie/ Flickr

Tanzania. Photo: James Campbell/ Flickr


Uganda. Photo: Jamisonshuck/Flickr

Uganda. Photo: Flowerbeetle/Flickr

Photo: pd2q/flickr

Uganda. Photo: Jamisonshuck/Flickr

Photo: Chung Cheong/ Flickr

Photo: Sneha Parghi/Flickr

Photo: Mwangy/ Flickr


Kampala, Taxi Rank. Photo: James Anderson/Flickr

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