Episode 3: Patimire (Where we stand)

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Episode 3: Patimire (Where we stand)

In this last episode of our three part storytelling series, Timothy Phiri sneaks out of home and attends a party, flouting both national lockdown regulations and rules set by his own parents. Find out how the family deals with yet another challenge in this finale.



In this episode we highlight that the need for wearing masks remains essential, even now that some people are being vaccinated. There are several good reasons to keep masking up and observing physical distancing. 

The episode encourages people to continue masking up even with vaccines now being rolled out. The availability of vaccines is not an automatic end for the pandemic and it’s not an instant return to normal. 

The experiences of the Phiri family have highlighted the numerous effects COVID-19 has had on family dynamics. However, despite the numerous challenges, the lessons the Phiri family has learnt during the COVID-19 pandemic, their optimism, trials, tribulations and triumphs give us hope that we will come out of the pandemic bruised and battered but stronger.

Watch Episode three of the series.


The series is a creative storytelling collaboration between This is Africa and the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA).

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