Somalia to deport illegal Kenyan migrants

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Somalia to deport illegal Kenyan migrants

The tables have turned in Somalia with reports that the country is deporting illegal Kenyan migrants. Migrants are believed to be exploring job opportunities in the construction, education and hotel industries



In an uncommon turn of events, a Somali court is reported to have ordered the deportation of 27 Kenyans who were found to be in the country illegally.

The tables have indeed turned, and according to the BBC, “this is the first time in 25 years that Somalia is to expel foreigners for overstaying their visas”.

The Kenyans were fined for overstaying and for being in the country illegally.

Some Somali refugees at camps such as Dadaab in Kenya are reported to be voluntarily returning home Photo: Coastweek/Stephen Ingati

According to reports, Somalia is slowly recovering from years of political instability and there are numerous job opportunities which foreign nationals are keen to explore. The BBC says, “foreigners are taking up jobs in the construction and hotel industries, while others are getting teaching jobs in colleges and schools”.

Reports also suggest that Somali refugee families at refugee camps in Kenya have been trickling back to their country because of relative peace in the war-torn Somalia and the opportunities available.


Only a few months ago, Kenya deported a number of undocumented Somalis, but it appears Somali nationals are voluntarily returning home. However, the United Nations said that there won’t be an influx of returnees anytime soon, but there could be a slow homecoming, if the growing peace endures.

The UN “acknowledges that circumstances aren’t right yet for an even bigger return of refugees. trend”.

Source: BBC


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