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South African police allegedly detain women to rape them

The Johannesburg-based Institute for Race Relations reports that South African police are detaining women to rape them



“The Broken Blue” line report states that there is “significant evidence of a trend” of South African police officers detaining women in order to rape them. The Institute for Race Relations (IRR) released its findings on Wednesday.

There are reports that state a police officer will stop a young woman in a public place, before taking her away to be raped in the back of a police vehicle after which she is released.

In the study, 100 randomly selected media reports about police crime revealed that 32 were murders and attempted murders, 22 were armed robberies, and 26 were rapes in addition to other serious offences as reported in the Global Post.

According to the IRR, over 1,400 serving police officers have a criminal record for serious, violent offences.


South Africa has one the highest recorded rates of rape in the world.

Source: Global Post 

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