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Top Nigerian politicians’ documents found in Boko Haram camp

The federal government of Nigeria yesterday revealed that identity cards belonging to some top politicians as well as party materials were found in the Boko Haram terrorists’ base



The government said that the items found during the last operations carried out by the military to remove the terrorists from their forest bases had implicated some politicians and political parties to terrorism.

Mike Omeri, the coordinator of the National Information Centre announced this in a media briefing where he was discussing the government’s progress towards rescuing the missing Chibok girls.

Omeri, who did not reveal details of the development, promised that the federal government would, in due course, disclose the names of the politicians and parties involved, but is unable to as the matter is still under investigation.

“Investigation is still ongoing to further unravel the identity of others that may have been involved and as soon as it is completed, we shall reveal the names of the culprits and the political parties” he said, “Some politicians are currently being investigated following their link with terrorist activities in the forest.”


Speaking on the release of the abducted Chibok girls, Omeri said efforts are being made to bring the girls back safely.

Source: All Africa



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