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UN finds evidence of human rights violations in Eritrea

A Ghanaian Associate Professor who was on the commission of inquiry spoke about worrying human rights violations in Eritrea, including unlawful detentions and sexual abuse



There are clear violations of human rights in Eritrea according to a recent United Nations inquiry which has found evidence of these violations.

Ghanaian Associate Professor Victor Danqwa, who was on the commission of the inquiry, spoke to the BBC of the violations taking place in the country.

“Detention is an ordinary part of life,” remarked the Associate Professor.

He goes on to add that one is usually not informed of why they are being detained, nor are they aware of the time period they shall be under detention.


According to Danqwa, women are also particularly vulnerable because “guards try to have sexual relations” with them.

Listen to the full interview below, or click here.

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Source: BBC World Service Radio


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