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Why are Cameroon’s diasporas returning home?

A new documentary series, ‘The Returnees,’ details the experiences of Cameroonians who have lived abroad and have returned to their country to contribute to its growth.



Recently, there has been a surge in the number of Cameroonians returning home from various parts of the world after many years of sojourn. But who are these returnees? Why are they moving back home now? How have they adjusted to life in the home country? Why did they leave in the first place? These are some of the questions that the new documentary series titled ‘The Returnees’ attempts to answer.

On set of The Returnee. Photo: Fab Afriq

“The Returnees are typically those who have studied and/or worked and lived in the Diaspora and have moved back home to help shape the future of Cameroon – Love for country,” a statement from the producers said.

“The production team captured and continues to capture some of these Returnees’ stories in a series of videos in which they share unique, personal and inspiring as well as challenging experiences with audiences worldwide,” the statement added.

Oben. Photo: Fab Afriq

The video series was directed by Miranda Oben, a Cameroonian based in Germany. Oben is an IT Engineer who has worked as a Software implementation specialist and now as a master of ceremonies, radio and television host.

‘The Returnee’, which was produced by Germaine A. Satia and Irene Z. Fon, will be broadcast nationwide in Cameroon and beyond.

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