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Young Africans decry continent’s longest serving leaders

A video made by a group of African youths is calling on the continent’s longest serving presidents to step aside and make room for democracy



A group of young Africans have made a video on Africa’s longest serving presidents in a bid to spark debate on the lack of democracy in some African countries.

Done by Kusema Africa, the video speaks of five of the continent’s longest serving leaders and how they are curtailing democracy in Africa.

“I don’t think it’s fair that a president should rule over a country for a ridiculous amount of time because that inhibits the incoming youth who have great progressive ideas for the good of the country,” remarks Omotayo Aweda who is one of the speakers.

[youtube id=”bFYt6_8cUBs” mode=”normal”]


This video comes in the wake of the Senegalese leader’s offer to reduce his presidential term by two years via a nationwide referendum. President Macky Sall said he would like for his country to ‘serve as an example to Africa’ through this move.

Sall’s offer is in stark contrast to the presidents mentioned in Kusema Africa’s video and perhaps they can borrow a leaf from him.

Kusema Africa is a platform that presents the opinions of young Africans regarding African issues in video format. It is run under the White Code Centre which offer human rights knowledge using audio-visual/multimedia tools.


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