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Zimbabwean varsities to cut enrolment of humanities and commercials

The government of Zimbabwe plans to direct universities to reduce enrolment of arts and commercials to address the skyrocketing unemployment rate



Zimbabwe’s social media sphere is in overdrive following comments by the government that it would soon order universities to reduce enrolment in social sciences and commercials to address the skyrocketing unemployment rate.

The Deputy Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Godfrey Gandawa told the country’s upper house the move would significantly reduce unemployment, the Chronicle reported.

“We are going to direct our universities to reduce the enrolment in terms of social sciences and humanities and increase sciences, engineering and mathematics,” Gandawa reportedly said.

“We’ve a problem of unemployment…emanating from us allowing more students to enrol in commercial and humanities because they do not have science and mathematics. Research and development should be hinged on science and technology,” Gandawa was quoted saying.


The comments did not go down well with the country’s social media citizenry who feel the statement is a misplaced attack on their freedom of academic choice.

The Deputy Minister said humanities and commercials students without Ordinary level or Matric level maths and science subjects are academically challenged and drive-up unemployment.

Gandawa added, “subjects that drive the economy and shape the future of a student must be compulsory…However, to those who are not academically gifted, [arts and commercials] we’re saying after completion of the degree, you don’t have employment”.

Social media users did not take kindly to the comments, with the government taking the flak for the country’s high unemployment rate.

Source: The Chronicle


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