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Senegal: Akon finalises agreement to develop ‘Akon City’

Senegalese musician and entrepreneur Akon signed an agreement to have his own city with the aim of also promoting tourism in Senegal. Akon City will make use of the cryptocurrency Akoin.



Aliaune Badara Thiam, popularly known as Akon has finalised an agreement to have his own city, Akon City, which will use his own cryptocurrency, Akoin. In 2018, Akon launched Akoin cryptocurrency and has continued to start great initiatives on the continent.

Akon announced the development on his Twitter page, writing: “Just finalized the agreement for AKON CITY in Senegal. Looking forward to hosting you there in the future.” Akon’s futuristic city which would be built on 2,000 acres of land gifted to him by President Macky Sall, started undergoing construction in March 2019 with the second stage for building set for 2025.

Akon who categorises himself as being in the ‘impact business,’ led the Akon Lighting Africa initiative in 2014 with the goal of electrifying 48 countries in Africa which need electicity. The initiative is active in 18 countries and makes use of solar energy. Akon City shall run on renewable energy through Akon’s project, Akon Lighting Africa. Akon City is going to be a five minute drive from Senegal’s new airport, Léopold Sédar Senghor International Airport.

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Akon’s awareness of what is needed on the continent are captured in his website. He wants the Akoin Ecosystem to unlock the potential of Africa “through the creation of a trusted cryptocurrency with a vision to stimulate and innovate, revenue-generating opportunities that support and empower youth entrepreneurship, economic stability, and growth across Africa and the world.” Akon aims to create sustainable communities.