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Oyinda – The Devil’s Gonna Keep Me

Nigerian-born UK-based singer-songwriter-producer Oyinda has released monochrome visuals for her track ‘The Devil’s Gonna Keep Me’



The ‘Devils’ Gonna Keep Me’ video sends a slight shiver down the spine with its black and white ritualistic air. The song’s lyrics are also somewhat eerie, summoning biblical images of the Garden of Eden and the Tree of Knowledge.

The fruit that’s plot from the bitter tree’s rotten, oh
You can find that seed so deep in me
As a child I was taught to fear if it ever grows
So I get on my knees with the daily please

A new love’s fascination burns straight through my corpse
You send shivers when you touch my skin
I don’t have the will to fight you anymore
So I take a bite ’cause you’ve given me




Besides the macabre but somehow sexy images of the video, it carries a timelessness to it and is sure to be a regular feature on the average electronica-head’s playlist for some time.


The tune is taken from her Before The Fall EP which can be grabbed from iTunes.