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Visions of Kinshasa from a puddle

After heavy rains, we seldom take a second glance at the puddles of water that form on our roads. They’re usually an inconvenience, especially for pedestrians. Not for DR Congo-born painter and photographer Kiripi Katembo Siku…

For the 35 year-old Siku, Kinshasa’s potholes were a blessing. His photographic series, Un Regard, shows poignant images from the DRC’s capital, taken as images of reflections from the puddles that form on the city’s streets.

The impressionistic nature of the photos perhaps betrays Siku’s past as a painter and communicates a subtle, dreamy vision of Kinshasa

Images ©Kiripi Katengo Siku

Source: Huffington Post, Kiripi Katengo Website

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