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Nigeria: Meet Oluwatobiloba, three year old photobomber of the year

Photobombing has never looked this good. The picture of a three year old Nigerian boy Oluwatobiloba has gone viral. The boy couldn’t help himself when he saw the camera facing him during a traditional wedding photo session. The picture has been tagged the best photobombed picture of 2017.

When Michael Tayo Osonuga, a Nigerian photographer was coerced by his brother to go and take wedding pictures despite not being paid, little did he know that one picture would attract the attention of the world.

The picture has been dubbed the best photo-bombed picture of 2017 and has received over 2,700 likes on Instagram, 2003 shares on Facebook and over 2000 likes. The picture has been retweeted thousands of times.

When TIA spoke with Tayo he said, “I was just about to take the picture when the young boy ran in front of the camera. He had never seen a camera before and was looking at it. The people I was actually supposed to capture were protesting, but I liked the boy’s confidence and took the picture.”

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I was about taking a shot when this lil man came right in front of me to pose for a shot,had to suspend my shot to take…

Geplaatst door Michael Tayo Osonuga op Maandag 13 november 2017

The three year old boy that Tayo captured a month and two weeks ago looks into the camera fearlessly, his hands akimbo, as if searching for something. The reaction of the bride and groom at the background is that of surprise, laughter and shock.

Tayo first uploaded the picture as his Whatsapp status without thinking of the ripple reaction the picture would later receive. A friend urged him to upload it on Facebook. On Facebook and Instagram he usually got 20 likes at most and very few shares. After posting the picture on Facebook, he kept noticing the increase in the number of likes the picture was getting. Unfortunately he had not watermarked the picture to show he was the one that took it, worthy of taking the credit.

Tayo who works with ayaworan media house however went the next day in search of the fearless boy identified as Oluwatobiloba armed with gifts and cash items from the media house and well-meaning Nigerians. Since then, Oluwatobiloba has found a sponsor ready to educate him till  university level.

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The last picture of an African child that received global attention was that of a 4 year old Ghanaian boy, Jake Amo. Jake was captured engrossed writing and his face circulated the internet as a meme.

Tayo wrote on Facebook: “I was about taking a shot when this lil man came right in front of me to pose for a shot, had to suspend my shot to take his first. Moral lesson for me: Never look down on anyone, no matter how they dress or look. Also remember no one knows tomorrow. You never can tell this lil man could be Nigeria President someday.”

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