Socrates Mbamalu

About the Author Socrates Mbamalu

Socrates Mbamalu was born in Nigeria and grew up in Kenya. His works have appeared in Waza Africa, Saraba Magazine, Deyu African, Kalahari Review, African Writer, Sankofa Mag, Jalada and adda. He is a 2016 Saraba Nonfiction Manuscript prize awardee. His Saraba nonfiction manuscript The Kenyan Boy is due for publication as an Ebook next year. He can be found on Twitter as @linsoc .


The fading use of indigenous languages in African households

The use of indigenous languages in African households is slowly fading with parents embracing foreign languages. Speaking at the 7th Annual International Igbo Conference Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie revealed that she only speaks to her daughter in Igbo, a practice that shocks many parents. However, embracing foreign languages at the expense of local languages is a result of “colonialism [which has] made us look down on everything that is African. This includes our languages, cultures and religions”.