Socrates Mbamalu

About the Author Socrates Mbamalu

Socrates Mbamalu was born in Nigeria and grew up in Kenya. His works have appeared in Waza Africa, Saraba Magazine, Deyu African, Kalahari Review, African Writer, Sankofa Mag, Jalada and adda. He is a 2016 Saraba Nonfiction Manuscript prize awardee. His Saraba nonfiction manuscript The Kenyan Boy is due for publication as an Ebook next year. He can be found on Twitter as @linsoc .


Africa and unequal global power relations: Legacy of Berlin Conference intact

The West has consistently survived on good public relations, seemingly with good intentions; foreign aid, donations to refugee camps and a host of other seemingly good political and humanitarian gestures. But the agenda of the Berlin Conference, 100 years later is still intact, divide, conquer and get as much wealth as possible while Africans fight wars and the world watches.

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Beninese Steve Mounié scores twice for Huddersfield in opening Premier League match

The English Premiership is back and we always bask in the achievements of African players making their mark in Europe’s top soccer leagues. Over the weekend, newly promoted side Huddersfield Town shocked Crystal Palace, inspired by the standout performance of Beninese international Steve Mounié. Mounié led Huddersfield to a 3-0 victory, scoring two goals, a remarkable tale for the young African player.