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On abortions: Empathy over judgement

Can you put yourself in the shoes of someone who has had an abortion? Would you understand the reasons that drove a woman to make such a decision? A group of young people from Kenya recently participated in an experiment designed to help answer those questions. The result? Turns out most of us can suspend judgment and be more empathetic on the subject of abortions when we understand that the women who have the procedure are flesh and blood human beings (just like us) wrestling with a hard decision that they will have to live with for the rest of their lives. Not convinced? Watch the video for yourself



Abortions are a touchy subject. Few topics elicit as much raw emotion. Yet not many public discussions about abortions zero in on the psychological toll that the decision to have an abortion usually has on a woman. A new campaign titled “Step into Our Stories, Step Into our Shoes” is aiming to change that. 

The campaign, spearheaded by our sister project Love Matters, invites us all to walk a mile in the shoes of women who have made the hard decision to have an abortion. How does it accomplish this? See for yourself. 

#StepIntoOurShoes is a global campaign run by Love Matters and WGNRR (Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights). You can find more information on