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Zimbabwe’s air force gets first female air commodore

Pushing air force boundaries, Zimbabwe’s Ellen Chiweshe has been promoted to become the country’s first female air commodore



Zimbabwe’s air force glass ceiling has been shattered with the promotion of Ellen Chiweshe to become the country’s first female air commodore.

Chiweshe who was previously group captain has made history and takes over a powerful position in the force.

According to the Herald, speaking at the promotion ceremony, air force commander Perence Shiri said, “The Commander in Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (President Mugabe) has seen it fit to promote Group Captain Chiweshe to Air Commodore. It is the highest ever rank attained by a woman in the force,”

Air Force of Zimbabwe aircraft Photo: Wikimedia

Air Force of Zimbabwe aircraft Photo: Wikimedia

“The sky is the limit. There is nothing that can stop women from attaining high posts,” Shiri added.

Shiri noted that the force endeavours to be an equal opportunity employer and air commodore Chiweshe was promoted, “not because of bias or favour but because of her competency”.


Air commodore Chiweshe said she felt honoured by the achievement and worked hard despite the challenges in the industry. “It was a man’s world and it was difficult to break in. I hope many female officers will be promoted to high ranks and surpass my rank,” she reportedly said.

The historic development is proof that women in Zimbabwe and Africa are pushing boundaries and scaling barriers.

In another historic achievement last year, two female Air Zimbabwe pilots were the first all female flight deck crew on the airline’s Boeing 737 from Harare to Victoria Falls.

Source: The Herald