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Zimbabwe loses opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai to cancer: Tributes pour in

The death of Zimbabwe’s pre-eminent opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has come as a shock to the nation and the continent. Tsvangirai was a colossal  political figure, a charismatic leader who tirelessly fought for democracy. Save, as Tsvangirai was affectionately known was undoubtedly the most effective opposition leader in Zimbabwe since independence. Tributes continue to pour in as the nation, and continent mourns the death of a brave leader.


Bob Marley’s statue to be built in Zimbabwe

Robert Nester Marley is no doubt an icon. In 1980, he performed in Zimbabwe during the independence day celebrations, the only African country in which he performed at independence day. He also sang a song, ‘Zimbabwe’ in 1978 for the Zimbabwean freedom fighters. There are plans underway to build a statue in Zimbabwe in honour of Bob Marley.