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Good Morning Africa from Kajuru Castle in Nigeria


Good morning Africa and Happy New Year. We take you to our first destination of this year in Nigeria. In the old city of Kaduna lies a castle that reminds you of King’s Landing, Kajuru Castle. This beautiful edifice is the perfect getaway destination.

When many people talk of Nigeria, they think mostly of Lagos. In the northern part of Nigeria in a state called Kaduna lies one of the most beautiful edifices you’ll ever come across on the continent, the Kajuru Castle.

In mere pictures, one would think that such a castle is in Europe or one of the Scandinavian countries. It also looks like a location in which the popular television series Game of Thrones was shot.

The Castle was built from 1981 to 1989 at Kajuru village in Kaduna State out of granite stones. It has a crocodile pit, turrets, armoury and dungeon as well as a secret door. The Kajuru Castle was built by a German expatriate, Gerhard Huebner.

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Kajuru Castle
His Royal Highness, the Emir of Zazzau with Gerhard Huebner, Lord of Kajuru Photo: Facebook/Kajuru Castle

The castle is styled in a German way and has a knight’s hall that has complete suits of armour. Dungeon-like rooms, a sauna, a beautiful garden, a grilling spot, and a clear swimming pool add to the beauty of what is Kajuru Castle.

The topography surrounding the castle is that of mountains, rocks and greenery, situating the castle in a beautiful environment and giving visitors a beautiful scene. Think of King’s Landing without a queen Cersei and without a sea.

The topography surrounding the castle is that of mountains, rocks and greenery. Photo: Facebook/Kajuru Castle

The Kajuru Castle has been an ideal spot for pre-wedding photos. However, to enjoy the castle you have to book the whole castle. The castle doesn’t give out rooms, making it ideal for groups of friends to visit.

The kitchen is available for use by guests as the castle doesn’t cater for food. Neither does it have a gym, Wi-Fi or complimentary breakfast.

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Kajuru Castle has a beautiful garden that adds to the beauty of the place. Photo: Facebook/Kajuru Castle



The crystal clear swimming pool in Kajuru Castle is more than inviting to cool off on a hot day. Photo: Facebook/Kajuru castle

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