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The beautiful cow dung-styled hairdos of Angola’s Mwila tribe

Having a bad hair day? How about a quick fix with some good old-fashioned cow dung?



When it comes to creativity and hairstyle innovation, Angola takes the prize. Who knew one could use cow dung as a hair product? These creative hairdos can be spotted on women from tribes such as the Mwila and Mucubal.

Angolan hairdo c

Photo: Eric Lafforgue

The hairdo’s are made from a mixture of butter, ochre and cow dung.

Angolan hairdo b

Photo: Eric Lafforgue

The Vilanda necklace is made of mud and beads. Once worn, the necklace is never removed.

Angolan hairdo e

Photo: Eric Lafforgue

Angolan hairdo d

Photo: Eric Lafforgue