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Femmolution: A call for women to evolve

In an era where creative platforms are still being dominated by men across the African continent, the latest book by Liz Kilili highlights the strengths of some of the continent’s most talented female creatives. Here are some highlights from her latest book titled Femmolution.




Founder of the Nairobi-based arts trust called Creatives Garage, Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Kilili, says Femmolution is a collective body of 79 written pieces by 28 writers. It includes a 12 track album by 12 different artists and 34 images from 5 contributors, all talented women of course.

“The idea for Femmolution came about after a call for artist participation in the Sondeka Festival revealed more male participants than females. Femmolution is coined from a combination of the French word “femme” meaning “woman” and evolution. This is a call for woman evolution,” she says.

Photo: Creatives Garage

Photo: Creatives Garage

Liz says other than supporting female artists, Femmolution is geared towards empowering women and promoting free self-expression.

“This is rare in Kenya and we hope that Femmolution will add to those few anthologies that prove that women will no longer be silent or shushed when it comes to expressing themselves for who they are and hope to be,” she says.

Femmulution, which was launched in Nairobi this weekend, is separated by themes which touch on issues experienced by all women at one point or another. These include anxiety, violence, resilience, self-love and life choices.


Here are some of the creatives featured in Femmolution.

Faith Wanjala

Visual artists Faith Wanjala. Photo: Creatives Garage

Visual artists Faith Wanjala. Photo: Creatives Garage

Faith Wanjala is a self-taught visual artist from Nairobi. Her work is influenced by emotive concepts, mental health, LGBTQ and gender issues. She explores these concepts abstractly through works that are a synthesis of traditional mediums and the aesthetics of the digital era. Her work has been exhibited in artist spaces and is part of many private collections.

Wambui JL

Graphic Designer Wambui JL. Photo: Supplied by Creatives Garage

Graphic Designer Wambui JL.
Photo: Supplied by Creatives Garage

Wambui JL is a graphic designer as well as the CEO of Idea Agency Limited. She is a passionate leader, mentor, and brand lover. She’s worked as  Graphic Designer for close to 10 years in various countries.

Wambui recently launched Hairpolitan Magazine, Kenya’s first natural hair magazine that aims to give Africans a platform to share authentic stories about their experiences.

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