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Meet the South African model changing international standards of beauty

It isn’t every day that you see a red-haired woman with freckles on major international adverts. Well, Cape Town-born model Carmen Solomons is changing this.



Earlier this year, Carmen landed a booking for a shoot for the two youngest Keeping Up With The Kardashians reality TV stars Kendall and Kylie Jenners’s clothing line.

Carmen impressed Kylie so much. The 25 year old model was approached immediately after the shoot to become one of the faces for Kylie’s new cosmetic line.

Carmen’s professional modelling career started when a scout from Boss Models approached her at a modelling competition at a local shopping mall in Cape Town. She was signed the very next day.

Carmen Solomons featured in Factice Magazine. Photo: Ulrich Hartmann

Carmen Solomons featured in Factice Magazine. Photo: Ulrich Hartmann

Since then, Carmen’s unique look has landed her a cameo role in Drake’s music video. She says one of her career highlights was working with Usher.

“Before the Kylie campaign booking, I’d say my first booking for Virgin Mobile when it launched in South Africa was a highlight for me. I was shooting a magazine cover with Usher.”

Carmen says landing the job with Kylie’s cosmetic range has given her so much recognition is the USA.

“When I first went to New York, no one could place me ethnically. But, this became my advantage. Clients are now coming to me because of it.”

She says more international agencies are now recognising the talent that the African continent has to offer.

“We do have a way to go still, but it’s definitely changing fast. The profile of the type of models being booked for shows and campaigns is much more diverse. It’s opening doors for models, who a few years ago would have struggled.”

Model Carmen Solomons. Photo: Boss Models

Model Carmen Solomons. Photo: Boss Models

Carmen’s says the key to a successful modelling career abroad, is finding a very good agency in Africa.

“Find a very good mother agency to train and develop you. They can set you up with an international network. Cape Town and Johannesburg are both good markets to develop African talent. But I do think the industry is growing in Africa where models are able to make a good living.”

Carmen gave us her top tips for staying healthy and in shape this summer:

* Lots of walking

* Toning exercises like Yoga and Pilates

* Eat small meals at night

* Don’t eat too much carbs

* Get a good night’s rest

* Consume very little to no alcohol

* Drink enough water

* Stay balanced

* Keep busy and off the couch


*Stay Happy!