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Meet Laetitia: The Ivorian hair artist shows black hair is a powerful mode of self-expression

What can black hair do? Ivorian hair artist Laetitia answered this question perfectly when she had series of photos of her hair in different interesting shapes. The hair artist explained in her Facebook post that the images are real and not photoshopped, as some would have assumed. Take a look as the fascinating images.




Sometimes you never know what you have, and the possibilities of what you can do with what you have. Hair, alas is not just hair, it is a statement, it can be political and a form of expression. There has been contestations and debates on African hair which has for many years been problematised.

Recently, in South Africa learners at the Pretoria Girls High School protested over racist rules governing how to present their hair.

Laetitia, an Ivorian hair artist has shown that you can do the seemingly impossible with African hair and that the hair is a powerful mode of self expression. The Ivorian artist released a series of photos where her hair was styled into different shapes of hands.


Ivorian hair artist Laetitia is doing the unimaginable with her hair. These pictures aren’t photoshopped she says. Photo: Facebook/Laetitia Ky?

Some of the images of her hair are hilarious, others amazing. It’s obviously added to the conversations on black hair. The pictures are not photoshopped and all the styles are natural. In a Facebook post she made in French, she said:

 “Chaque action est d’abord une pensee. Avant de realiser toute chose apprenons a visualiser son bon deroulement avant de la mettre en forme.””

C’est un peu ce que j’ai voulu exprimer avec ce petit shoot !!!

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Mes cheveux en forme de main sont l’expression de ma pensée, qui est tellement forte qu’elle decide de se materialiser avant meme que je ne passe a laction.

Ps: la coiffure est reelle et non photoshopée. Je posterai une video et vous verrez 🙂 . Pour ce shoot j’ai realisé en fonction du resultat que je voulais obtenir plusieurs formes differentes de mains. Cest pour cela que d’une photo a l’autre elle paraissent differentes.


Ivorian hair artist Laetitia is doing the unimaginable with her hair. These pictures aren’t photoshopped she says. Photo: Facebook/Laetitia Ky?

Hello everyone!! My family has me ???!!! Today it’s Monday… a new week begin! I hope beautiful things you arrive.

“”” every action is first a thought. Before you realize all things let’s learn to visualize his good arrangements before putting it in shape.”””

It’s a little what I wanted to express with this little shoot!!!

My hair in the shape of a hand are the expression of my thoughts, which is so strong that she decided to materialize before even that I don’t pass has the action.

PS: the hair is real and not photoshopped. I’ll post a video and you’ll see 🙂. For this shoot I realized depending on the result that I wanted to get several different forms of hands. That’s why a photo has the other she seem different.

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Prior to these photos she made recently, she’d taken other photos where her hair was shaped to various images such as the continent, Africa. Be black! Be proud!



What are you thinking about? Hair artist Laetitia has intrigued many with her hair. Photo: Facebook/ Laetitia Ky?



Let the hair hand take a selfie. Photo: Facebook/ Laetitia Ky?



Peace! Photo: Facebook/Laetitia Ky?