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Arrest warrant issued for ex Malawian Pres Joyce Banda over alleged abuse of office

Malawi police have issued an arrest warrant and are searching for former President Joyce Banda over alleged abuse of office and money laundering offences during her term in office. Malawi is taking steps to actualize the alleviation of corruption and confront perpetrators of “Cashgate” through a string of investigations and criminal trials launched against civil servants, business people and now former President Banda.


Trafficking of human bones in Malawi leads to the arrest of two men

Two men were detained by the police in Machinga, Malawi after they were caught in possession of human bones believed to be of an albino person. The police stated that the suspects will be charged with trafficking of human organs or possession of human tissue. The deep-seated beliefs in superstition in various African countries often result in dangerous and criminal practices affecting people with albinism.


Bald men decapitated in Mozambique for purposes of witchcraft and rituals

Mozambique police reportedly warned that bald men may be attacked for the purposes of witchcraft and rituals after two bald men were brutally killed in the country’s Zambezia province, one of whom was found with his head cut off and his organs removed. “The belief is that the head of a bald man contains gold.” People with albinism have been targets of vicious killings based on various superstitions. Authorities across the continent and civil groups need to do more to ensure citizens are protected, educated and empowered on how to challenge, resist these practices.