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George Weah to honour Arsène Wenger with Liberia’s highest award

Can you imagine a better award like the “Knight Grand Commander of the Humane Order of African Redemption” to be given to Arsène Wenger? Wenger will be honoured by the Liberian government for his contribution to African football. Do you think Wenger has done more for African football than any other coach?




Arsène Wenger will be united with his former player George Weah in Liberia. It is however not a reunification on the football bench or field. It is a reunification in which roles are slightly reversed, George Weah as President of Liberia and Arsene Wenger as a special Liberian guest, to receive an award from his former player.

Wenger will be awarded the title of “Knight Grand Commander of the Humane Order of African Redemption.” The award was founded on January 13, 1879 during the presidency of Anthony W. Gardiner. The award is given to individuals for their humanitarian work in Liberia, for acts supporting and assisting the Liberian nation.

Wenger will receive the award alongside Claude Le Roy. The two coaches played key roles in Weah’s formative football career. Le Roy, was the coach that informed Wenger of Weah’s talent and potential. In 1988, Wenger took Weah to play for Ligue 1 side Monaco, where the Frenchman was the manager.

A spokesperson from Liberia said, “They will be honoured by the government of Liberia on August 24, National Flag Day for their role in President George Weah’s footballing career. Both coaches will be awarded the honour at an investiture ceremony in Monrovia.”


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Arsene Wenger

Liberian President George Weah is to award his former football coach, Arsène Wenger, his country’s highest honour Knight Grand Commander of the Humane Order of African Redemption” for his contribution to African football. Photo: Facebook/SportingAmbassador

Le Roy met Weah when he was managing Cameroon. He told AFP, “He had signed to Tonnerre Yaounde and came to Cameroon national squad training even though he was a Liberian. I was dazzled by his talent and called Arsene.”

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Weah moved to Paris Sain-Germain and then to AC Milan in 1995, the year he became the first and only African player to win the Ballon d’Or. The award is not only an acknowledgement of Wenger’s contribution to Weah’s football career but his contribution to African football.

Wenger has coached a number of African players that have succeeded on the world football stage. There is no denying his huge influence in creating a space for African footballers in Europe.