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The DJs setting up the heat for Ecoexistence

For this year’s African Crossroads edition we asked versatile and diverse DJs from the continent to submit their take on Climate Justice in Africa through a 30min audio-visual set. A personal selection of music interrogating and navigating the realms of Earth, Wind, Water and Fire.



Here are 4 DJs you do not want to miss at this year’s edition:

Samthadigga – Vinyl Only Remedy from Nairobi

Sam Ombasa aka Samthadigga digs quite deep into his collection of chilled Hip Hop and meditative Forest Sound Beats. Not only did he master the art of turntablism, knowing that his craft transcends borders and reflects the circularity of the universe, he is also a true curator of unique sounds. For African Crossroads he plays tracks by unsung heros in the music industry while befitting the theme of earth’s preservation. From Georgia Anne Muldrow to Simiah back to Dillated People. Samthadigga understoof the assignment. If you are curious about why he chose vinyl as his vessel, you may want to listen to “The Kenyan Poet’s Podcast” hosted by Njeri Wangari (who will also be performing poetry at this year’s gathering), where Samthadigga was recently featured.

DJ Mura K.E. – Bengatronics’ (Re)mixing Maestro


The intenationally recognized, Afrima-Nominated Dennis Mwaura aka DJ Mura K.E. is a Kenyan DJ and Music Producer as well as a member of critically acclaimed Nairobi’s Bengatronics family. Mixing traditional Benga sounds with today’s trap, he is also known as being an avid producer, creating enchanting remixes – just recently for legendary Noisette Musician Shingai in “Echoes of You” For African Crossroads, DJ Mura K.E. effortlessly blends the modern and the classics from East Africa’s musical landscape with percussive backdrops and fluid transitions. Listen to his recently released EP “KINGSHIP” featuring Ayrosh, S2, Udulele and more here.

Cheb Runner – An Electronic Gnawa Awakening

Cheb Runner (Cheb is Arabic and means young), is the pseudonym of Moroccan-rooted producer and DJ Reda Senhaji. His DJ set for this year’s African Crossroads gathering is spiritual, to say the least. Being a son of Gnawa and representing a new sound of in-betweenness, Cheb Runner describes himself as a musical hurricane. Just last year he released his EP called Tagnawit. The smoothest interlocking of electronic beats and percussive distinctive Gnawa Sounds from Morocco. For African Crossroads, Cheb Runner effortlessly mixes tender desert blues and its percussive supranatural effects with his own twist of electronic transcending beats. Loops that shake the grounds, a new form of awakening the soil through a unique catalogue of Maghrebi rooted music. 

To check out Cheb Runner’s EP Tagnawit follow him on Bandcamp.

Sensei Lo – Ecletic Mashups from the West


Cleopatra Nyamekye Amartey a qualified nurse, popularly known as Sensei Lo, is a DJ and Producer of Ghanaian descent based in Lagos, Nigeria. Sensei Lo is a member of Lagos Afro Electronic DJ Collective ‘The Village Sound System’ and Resident DJ at Nigeria’s only electronic music station, HOT FM 93.3 LAGOS. For this year’s gathering, Sensei Lo starts off her set with straight up fire. Recognizable Afropop, Electronic, RnB and Altè tunes are instantly topped up with the special “Sensei Lo Hot Sauce” – highlighting percussive notes and creating even a greater bounce the the bass. 

Making it impossible to not move at all.
Read more about Sensei Lo here.

Catu Diosis
– Sounds from Higher Grounds 

Our very own Kampala-based DJ and upcoming producer Catu Diosis went all the way further to the East. The captivating scenery is set on top of the Moivaro Hill in Arusha, Tanzania. With bass-informed sounds from the East and beyond, Catu takes us on a journey to higher grounds. Floating through her set, her broad musical genre transitions are as riveting as the transitions of the visual frames depicting the mountainous greenest side of Arusha city. Not far from Mount Kilimanjaro, Catu channels nature’s awe-inspiring beauty in her set for this year’s African Crossroads edition.

Catu Diosis has played memorable sets around the globe. Watch her taking part of the world by storm in her Boiler Room set at the Nyege Nyege Festival in Uganda.