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Zimbabwean war heroes’ skulls to be returned from UK

The heads of heroes and heroines of Zimbabwe’s first war of independence – who were brutally decapitated by the colonial regime before being sent to Britain as trophies – are to be repatriated



The spirits of war heroes and heroines from the First Chimurenga, Zimbabwe’s First War of Independence, will soon rest in their homeland as the United Kingdom has agreed to repatriate the heads of the decapitated fallen heroes, according to The Herald.

The heads, which were on display at a British history museum, belonged to struggle heroes such as Mbuya Nehanda, Sekuru Kaguvi, Chingaira Makoni, Chinengundu Mashayamombe, Mapondera, Mashonganyika and Chitekedza Chiwashira, among others.

“The UK has since invited Zimbabwe to appoint technical experts to meet their museum counterparts in London to discuss some remains of Zimbabwean origin,” said the British embassy in an emailed response to The Herald.

Speaking during heroes Day commemorations in Harare on Monday, President Robert Mugabe expressed his bafflement at why the British government enjoyed keeping the heads as a sign of conquest in this day and age.


President Mugabe said once the remains are repatriated, Government would consult with traditional leaders about how to bury them at the sacred shrines scattered throughout the country.

Having been shipped to the UK over 100 years ago, the heads are testament of the terrible price Zimbabweans had to pay for their freedom.