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Cartoon | US visa delays cast shadow on World Athletics Championships

Competing in a sporting event? Good luck getting a visa: A number of African athletes scheduled to compete at the World Athletics Championships were affected by visa delays. The delays sparked a strong reaction on social media.



A number of African athletes faced delays in the issuance of visas for the World Athletics Championships in Eugene, Oregon, United States. The hold-ups affected athletes from various countries including Libya, Kenya and South Africa. The delays sparked a strong reaction on social media.

The delays have been blamed on poor communication and huge post-COVID backlogs at US embassies.

African athletes, entrepreneurs and academics attending events in Western countries often encounter greater obstacles in getting visas. There are many cases reported of visa denials, delays and discriminatory immigration policies.

Many African nationals have often complained about the length of time it takes to process a visa request, the complexity of application forms, complicated entry requirements, exorbitant costs associated with making an application and a lack of clarity on rules and procedures. 


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