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South Africa needs a new name, says Arts and Culture minister Nathi Mthethwa

In many parts of Africa, names have cultural importance, and the South African minister for Arts and Culture Nathi Mthethwa has indicated that the name South Africa has no significant discernible importance except a geographical location of the country. African countries in the past have changed their colonial names to names that represents their independence, people, culture and aspirations, Burkina Faso (Land of the Upright) for example. Is it too late for South Africa to change its name? Which name would best describe the country? What is in a name? Tell us what you think.

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South Africa: New reality TV show Uthando Nes’thembu on polygamy stirs debate

Polygamy is regarded by some as an old fashioned and outdated idea, and a new reality TV show in South Africa, Uthando Nes’Thembu on Mzansi Magic is challenging such perceptions. Musa Mseleku a South African businessman has four wives, and the show is premised on their experiences. The show has a huge following in South Africa, and it has stirred debate on the highly contentious cultural practice.


Murder of South African women by partners rising: 63 killed in Gauteng in 30 days

South Africa police recently revealed that 63 women in Gauteng province have been murdered in in the province between April 1 and May 21 this year, with 10 confirmed to have been killed by their partners in domestic violence-related incidents. The shocking statistics reveal the depth of the problem in the country. South Africa has a troubling rate of violence, particularly against women. The country has one of the world’s highest rates of women killed by their partners. Police Minister Fikile Mbalula recently said “This situation is unacceptable” and called on all citizens to help police confront the scourge.


Second successful penis transplant performed by Stellenbosch University team in South Africa

In South Africa, the world’s third successful penis transplant has been successfully performed by a team from Stellenbosch University at the Tygerberg Hospital in Cape Town. The transplant took nine and a half hours. The recipient of the transplant was a black man who had complications after a traditional circumcision 17 years ago and had lost his penis while the donor was a white man.

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South Africa to scrap visa for all African citizens to meet AU open visa policy-Agenda 2063

South African government through its Department of Home Affairs is working to scrap the visas for all African citizens travelling to the country. However, “trusted travellers” such as diplomats, academics, business people and students will be the only ones to benefit before its open to everyone. The move is in-line with the African Union’s proposed common visa policy (Agenda 2063).

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African governments are lagging behind in open data

African governments are lagging behind in open data, and are keeping data locked away as citizens demand accountability a new Open Data Barometer report has revealed. The report gives a global snapshot of how governments are using open data for accountability, innovation and social impact. The report revealed that key accountability metrics such as government spending, elections, public contracts, company ownership and land ownership are among the least open and often poor quality. The report recommends that government-held data must be open by default and follow the principles set out in the Open Data Charter.