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South Africa loses anti-apartheid icon, Ahmed Kathrada

Ahmed Kathrada, a South African struggle stalwart has passed on. Kathrada was among the eight accused, who were sentenced to life imprisonment during the Rivonia Trial between 1963-1964. He served 26 years in prison alongside Nelson Mandela and Walter Sisulu. A man of dignity, and virtue, Kathrada’s death creates a huge vacuum in South Africa’s highly polarised political sphere. He will be greatly missed.

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Remembering a South African struggle icon: Ahmed Kathrada- 10 quotes

South Africa has lost a liberation hero with the passing of anti-apartheid activist Ahmed Mohamed Kathrada, aged 87. Affectionately known as Kathy, Kathrada was a Robben Island prisoner and one of Walter Sisulu, and Nelson Mandela’s closest cadres in the struggle against apartheid. Kathrada dedicated is life to fighting racial inequality and the apartheid regime’s racist and unjust policies. We share with you 10 of his profound and timeless quotes.


Namibia celebrates 27 years of independence

Today is Namibia’s Independence Day. The country attained its freedom in 1990. We honour all those who sacrificed their lives during the struggle against South African foreign rule and German colonialism, and remember all those who died in the liberation war. Happy Independence Day to our Namibian brothers and sisters.


South Africa loses legend Joe Mafela

Veteran South African actor Joe Mafela died in a car accident on the 18th of March, and the nation is mourning the huge loss of a star, whose ineffable talent made him the darling of the country. South Africans who grew up in the ’80s and ’90s attribute part of the joys of their childhood to Mafela. Condolences messages continue to be posted on social media.


Social media uproar over Helen Zille’s comments saying colonialism wasn’t all bad

South African politician and Western Cape Premier Helen Zille has come under fire on social media for over her comments defending colonialism saying the system, and its legacy wasn’t bad in its entirety. There’s been a major uproar over the comments forcing Zille to issue an apology. In 2008, a British-born South African columnist, David Bullard, caused an outrage writing an article in the Sunday Times saying South Africa should be grateful for colonialism. The column was heavily criticized, seen as racist and extremely offensive.


Ngugi wa Thiong’o calls for rename of East London to SEK Mqhayi

World renowned Kenyan writer and literature scholar Professor Ngugi wa Thiong’o has suggested the rename of the South African city of East London to be renamed after the late great African scholar Samuel Edward Krune Mqhayi. A honour befitting Mqhayi, will be renaming the city East London after him to commemorate his remarkable literary work, and it will be an honour to many African leaders whose contributions have never been recognized in the post colonial era.