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Ethiopian coffee ranked among the world’s best

Coffee in Ethiopia has been classified high up in the echelons of the world’s best coffee and the East African country’s climatic conditions has something to do with it.



Ethiopian coffee is among the world’s best. This is according to an international group of coffee connoisseurs who travel the world over looking for the best cup of tasting coffee and have placed the country high up.

The conditions in Ethiopia seem to lend a hand in helping make the coffee among the world’s best.

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“You have different ancient varieties referred to as Ethiopian heirdom. They are grown in places with perfect soil, perfect altitude, and micro climates that are really suitable for coffee processing, such as drying and things like that,” explains Morton Wennersgaard, a coffee importer.


The East African country gains an annual export revenue of more than $840million from the cup in more than 120 countries.

Source: VOA