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Kenya: Rejection of the Finance Bill not a denial of essential public services

Kenyans urged to reject false claims that failure of the Finance Bill amounts to a denial of essential public services.

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Our dear neighbours in Kenya must also reject the false, misleading, and dangerous argument by, among others, Mr. Ndindi Nyoro and Mr. Musalia Mudavadi, which contends that the failure of the Finance Bill amounts to a denial of essential public services and funds for county governments…and that Kenyans must not oppose the bill because of its implications on government functionality.

This is a tactic straight out of the IMF/World Bank playbook.

They (IMF/World Bank) collude with puppet governments like Mr. William Ruto’s to impose impossible choices on entire populations, with subtle threats of economic collapse if cruel, unconscionable policies are not implemented.

This was done a few years ago to the citizens of Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal when they firmly rejected policies similar to the Finance Bill being mooted in Kenya.


The only way out is a continuation of the well coordinated, robust, citizen-led campaign that forces the Ruto regime and its Western backers to concede and withdraw the Bill in its entirety.

Ruto must come to the realisation that he is not the first nor last president of Kenya. It doesn’t have to be a zero some game. He is not the European God who, apparently so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever accepts him as their Lord and Saviour shall have eternal life!

If the population has rejected something, respect them; you cannot purport to be more intelligent than an entire country.

The sky will not fall because that extortionist Finance Bill has not been enacted. The first port of call that Mr Ruto should dock at should be a comprehensive crackdown on runaway corruption which impedes effective revenue collection and management. There’s no point digging one hole to fill another!

We Ugandans who live under an outright family-led dictatorship shudder to imagine what would happen to the region if Kenya, the region’s economic powerhouse and fledgling democracy were to be overrun by Mr Ruto’s authoritarian tendencies.


For the above, and other reasons that have been cited by our Kenyan age mates and comrades in the struggle for a better collective future, it is in the tactical and strategic interest of East African and African citizens across the Continent to resolutely support the Kenyan population’s rejection of the IMF and Ruto’s Finance Bill.

The IMF is using Kenya as a lab rat to test how much more pain and economic terrorism Africans can take; we need to send a clear, unequivocal message that such madness will not be tolerated, especially by we younger Africans.


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