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Dear African leaders, protests and hashtags are part of democracy, not only elections

The definition of democracy on the continent has been restricted to holding elections. Many African leaders forget that protests and online dissent is very much part of democracy. Elections are just a part of democracy, and democracy entails a full spectrum of economic, social and political freedoms, which include citizens’ rights to protest and express their voices and concern.

Supreme Court

From Kenya to Liberia, the Judiciary getting bolder in fragile African democracies?

The nullification of the August 8 elections in by the Supreme Court of Kenya, was celebrated as a welcome precedent and Liberia has followed suit. The Liberian Supreme Court suspended the run-off election scheduled to take place on November 7, citing irregularities in the first round of elections that took place on October 10. The move is been applauded as a step in the right direction to ensure free, fair and credible polls.