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Ethiopia’s blacklisted groups: Terrorists or activists?

With the “intention of widening political space”, Ethiopia’s government is freeing thousands of prisoners accused of a variety of charges, such as terrorism or incitement to topple the government. This includes several senior opposition leaders and members of Ginbot 7, which is among five groups blacklisted under the government’s unreformed anti-terror legislation.

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“British colonial system caused the Biafran War” Interview with Christopher Chukwuemeka Ejiofor, Colonel Ojukwu’s former Military Adviser

51 years ago, the federal government of Nigeria engaged in a bloody civil war with the secessionist Republic of Biafra. In this exclusive interview with This is Africa, Christopher Ejiofor, a former top military adviser during the war recalls the bitter memories of the war and how they lost everything. He talks about how the British colonial set-up caused the war and the current agitation by the Indigenous Republic of Biafra