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“I am Ramata Diarra”: murdered 5 year-old Malian girl “speaks” from the grave

A 5 year-old girl, Ramata Diarra was decapitated last month in a suspected ritual murder for her body parts in Mali. The Salif Keita Global Foundation published this emotional poem of the girl “speaking” from the grave, asking for justice, and protection of people with albinism.

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I am Ramata Diarra

This Saturday, may 12, 2018, barbarians came to rip me out of my parent s’ arms to slit my throat and take my head for ritual sacrifices in my village of fana in mali composed more than 95 % of Muslims and Christians

Where are the Muslims?

Where are the christians?

I am Ramata Diarra,

My only crime is to be born albino. Instead of being protected as a child, I’m slaughtered like an animal.

All Fana got up to protest and protest

But where is the rest of Mali?

I am Ramata Diarra,

My other crime is to have poor parents because if my father was minister, Director, Congressman or wealthy businessman, I would be alive today like any other child.

but who to protect me?

I am Ramata Diarra,

5-Year-old albino girl,

My Father crippled and poor couldn’t face the criminals but my good mom fought like a devil to save me in vain

but who to protect me?

I am Ramata Diarra,

I could have been your daughter, your little girl, your niece. I was sacrificed for whatever cause.

I have only one thing to ask you: Grace, make sure that my sacrifice is not in vain: never let other albinos be slaughtered in our Mali.

Let my sacrifice be for the salvation of all other albinos from Mali, Africa and the world. They’d like to live like everyone else.

This is only possible if my sacrifice does not go unpunished: the sponsors and the performers must be identified for their actions

or is the valiant Malian people?

or are the opinion leaders like uncle ras bath?

Where are our artists?

or is uncle Salif Keita?

Where are the intellectuals?

Where are the young people from Mali?

or are our brave mommies from Mali?

or are our sages, our imams? Our pretres and pastors?

I am Ramata Darra, 5-Year-old albino girl decapitee a fana in Mali on Saturday 12 May 2018.

Despite everything I love you

Published on May 22 by The Salif Keita Global Foundation

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