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Malvern Mkudu is a blogger and activist interested in political and economic issues in Southern Africa. He has interests in ICTs and citizen journalism. He is active on Facebook and is reachable on [email protected]

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Who will protect the whistleblower in Zimbabwe?

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has introduced a policy that gives incentives to whistleblowers who provide information that ultimately results in the recovery of looted money or the successful prosecution of wrongdoers. However, the Zimbabwean government faces a difficult task convincing its citizens to speak out. After all, the Zimbabwean people have seen their government preside over corruption for decades.

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Zimbabwe at 37: Betrayed aspirations or ‘total emancipation in progress’?

On 18 April 2017, Zimbabwe celebrated Independence Day, marking 37 years of self-rule. Steady social and economic progress in the early years after independence was followed by challenges and setbacks, social and political instability, economic woes and corruption, which slowed down the development agenda. Malvern Mkudu reflects on the difficult road the country has travelled.